EMP User Meeting

EMP User Meeting

Join us online for a virtual User’s workshop organized by the European Microkelvin Platform (EMP): March 29th, 2021.

The aim of the second User’s workshop is to bring together current and potential external users of experimental facilities provided by the EMP consortium and inform each other on achievements, results obtained and problems raised with implementation of the TNA activity.

Originally, we planned to organize „live“ User’s meeting in Slovakia, however, we had to postpone this organization to more favourable time due to the global pandemic situation. As the development of this situation is unpredictable and time flies, and in order to proceed with the project implementation, we have decided to organize the EMP first virtual online User‘s meeting with the EMP consortium.

We hope that although being separated from each other on up to several thousands kilometres what does not allow to enjoy our personal contact, this one day virtual online workshop will serve as a good tool and virtual place for the exchange of ideas and information. But not only for this. We hope that having the fruitful discussion and sharing with others our individual experience with TNA activity will support dissemination of the idea of the TNA activity, and this helps to attract new external users.

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