Grant NumberPrincipal InvestigatorGrant TitleDuration
VA SR ITMS2014+ 313011W856 Peter Skyba Quantum matters at very low temperatures 2020-2023
H2020-824109Ch. Enss/P. SkybaEuropean microkelvin platform2019-2022
APVV-17-0020Slavomír Gabáni Frustrated metallic magnetic systems.2018-2022
APVV-18-0358Pavol SzabóElectron correlations in disordered superconductors.2019-2023
APVV-20-0425Peter Samuely Topologicky netriviálne magnetické a supravodivé nanoštruktúry.2021-2024
VEGA 1/0743/19 T. Samuely / P. SzabóIsing superconductors for topological phases of matter.2019-2022
VEGA 2/0093/22Marcel ČlovečkoClassical to quantum crossover in mechanical resonators.2022-2025
VEGA 2/0032/20Gabriel PristášMagnetic frustration and superconductivity in 2D and 3D borides.2020-2023
VEGA 2/0058/20Jozef KačmarčíkResearch of non-trivial superconductivity on selected materials.2020-2023
COST Action CA16218 H. Suderow /
P. Samuely
Nanoscale coherent hybrid devices for superconducting quantum technologies2017-2021
M-ERA.NETS. Z. Karashanov/K. FlachbartTheoretical and Experimental Study of Transition Metal Oxyhydride
Nanomaterials for Superconductivity and Photocatalysis.
PartnersPrincipal InvestigatorName of project
Bilateral project between
GPI RAS Moscow and IEP SAS Košice
N. Sluchanko / K. FlachbartTransport, thermal and magnetic properties of rare earth compounds
Bilateral project between
Inst. Problems of Mater. Sci., Kiev and IEP SAS Košice
V. Paderno / K. FlachbartInvestigation of rare earth borides and composites based on them
Bilateral project between
Lancaster University and IEP SAS Košice
George Pickett / Peter SkybaQuasiparticle and spin dynamics in superfluid 3He phases at ultralow temperatures
Bilateral project between
Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Bariloche, Argentina and IEP SAS Košice, Slovakia
Yanina Fasano /
Z. Vargaeštoková
Spectroscopic properties of strongly-correlated electronic systems with competing orders
Bilateral project between
NASU Ukraine and IEP SAS Košice
P. SamuelyPoint-contact and tunneling spectroscopy of emergent iron-based superconductors
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